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Hi !

I would love to try this game. Would it run with an Intel HD 4000 ?

Also, congrats on your Academy award eligibility !

This is an awesome experience. I'm not sure I can call it a game entirely, even though it does have several game mechanics. Whatever you choose to call it, it is certainly worth experiencing!

I feel like I only scratched the surface on my let's play, but it was an interesting experience so far! I have no idea how to get to the random objects seen in the preview, but I think it would eventually be revealed how.


Honestly, it has been a great experience playing this game. It is thought-provoking, and has a truly curious atmosphere. Its philosophical & subtle storyline can strike intrest in the user. I've noticed that if someone likes a game, they don't exactly publicize or express their thoughts, and that could lead to slow development. So I figured I would encourage you devs, because i would like to see this game updated frequently. Speaking of which, can you please feature the golden gate as a transformable thing once you have entered it already? (but of course have a bit more of a conveinent exit once you have gone through it once).


(Jamie age 9)

Hi Jamie - you can enter it once you've gone through :)

(ɯɹoɟsuɐɹʇ :ʇuᴉɥ)