Hello friends,

Today we are releasing a huge update to Mountain. Every single system has been improved, as well as every shader, particle effect, texture and model. We made about 400 optimizations, updates and fixes - I have summarized the main ones below. This was in fact more work than making the original!

Check out this comparison:

This process began a year ago, it started by putting in some minor fixes, then got deeper as we realized how much better it could be. We are just a lot more experienced than we were in 2014.

This was motivated because I wanted to get it right, but mainly as a thank you to you guys, who have been so patient and positive over the years. Your enjoyment, discussion, exploration and sharing of this game has been so incredibly encouraging... I cannot express enough gratitude to you all.

Main updates
+ Different Mountain Types with unique flora
+ Improved Mountain shapes & appearance
+ HDR rendering, new color correction & post fx system
+ New cloud system and revamped environmental effects
+ Improvements and optimizations to all shaders
+ Re-written procedural flora systems, will produce more trees and plants with better arrangement
+ More tree and plant varieties added, with improved leaf, plant & tree dynamic effects
+ Addition of dynamic birds & butterflies
+ More artifacts
+ Music keyboard added to UI
+ Slow Motion mode
+ MIDI Control is now possible and works with any midi input device
+ More Secret modes to discover and improved old ones

So, please enjoy. If you like it, please give it a review & recommend it to your friends.

Thank you so much,


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I'm so sad Moutain used to word perfectly and now for some reason it just stay stucked on the starting screen (with the white diamond) what can I do ? I'm on win 10 family ed.

ohh yessss !! i've missed mountain, thank you! 


beautiful, i'm running my mountain as we speak

yyyaaaaaaassssssss <3